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Fedya & Plumpy the Fancy Rats, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fedya, Plumpy
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Rat
Home: St. Petersburg, Russia
   The story of Fedya and Plumpy is as follows. Fedya and Plumpy came to me many years ago, they were my first rats. Both grew old and went to the rainbow bridge. But since they became almost like brothers to me, I was sure that they will rest on the rainbow and will definitely return to me. And one day it happened - I went to a pet store for no purpose, just to look, and there were two little rats waiting for me. They seemed to have caught me and of course I immediately bought them. At home, something surprising was discovered - both kids immediately chose the same places in the apartment that Fedya and Plumpy loved.

      Of course, I immediately called them by the same names. Moreover, the character traits of both were repeated. Fedya is more mischievous and a bully, while Plumpy is a philosopher and loves solitude. The current guys are already the third couple. Fedya and Plumpy love sunflower seeds and enjoy bananas. And their favorite toy is my sofa on which they walk. Both are consummate designers and thanks to their efforts the entire sofa is covered with holes. They are very talkative. I very often hear them "squeak-squeak" at night, when they are awake, and are discussing something with each other.

Fedya & Plumpy the Fancy Rats, the Pet of the Day Fedya & Plumpy the Fancy Rats, the Pet of the Day

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