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Dewey the English Spot/Dutch Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dewey
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Spot/Dutch Rabbit
Home: Essex, England, UK
   This Dewey, my Rabbit! Originally when we bought him, he was mistaken for a Netherland Dwarf AND a female! Only to discover after our first trip to the vets that he was actually a boy! As you can clearly see from the photos (by ears and size) that he is definitely not a dwarf! He's a fat lump that loves treats! From my guess alone I would say that he is actually an English/Dutch cross, but we've never been entirely sure. His favorite foods have to be Spinach, Green Beans, Rabbit chocs and nuts! And Dandelions of course.

      Dewey's a very particular rabbit, having those off days like all of us. Some days he'll have a strop for absolutely no reason, stamping his feet on the hutch, ripping the newspaper up and pushing his bowl over. Especially if he can't see out of his hutch or doesn't get a treat! We also think he's a little OCD too! If you move something out of place he'll know, and nudge it right back to where he liked it! It is not all the time he likes to be lifted out of his hutch either, and hates being handled most days. But the majority of the time he can be a sweetheart. He'll know when you just want a cuddle and someone to talk to, and on those days he'll let you pick him up with no fuss, and cradle him to sleep! One of the worst times I can remember was when my mum went into the dining room. She went to turn a lamp on and she screamed! She'd been electricuted! When we looked, someone had chewed through the wires ... The little saboteur!! He was just lucky it was turned off when he chewed it! So on the whole he's a very snobbish rabbit, and likes causing trouble! But we love him anyway, and his funny little quirks! :)

Dewey the English Spot/Dutch Rabbit, the Pet of the Day

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