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Gracie the Welsh Pony, Arabian Horse mix, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gracie
Age: Twenty-seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Welsh Pony, Arabian Horse mix
Home: Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is Gracie, she is 27 years old right now. She is special because: She has been my friend for a very long time. She is a blessing from a friend who lets me take care of her like she's my own horse. She came in to my life just at the right time; right around the time when my life started to crumble in to a mess. She keeps my life together, she is that missing piece.

     She has taught me unconditional love which is probably the most valuable thing you can learn and sometimes it is near impossible to learn it from another person; that's why we need pets and furry friends because they will love us regardless of the faults we may have. Her and I have a very special bond that could never be broken. It's like nothing I have ever felt in any other horse I've met. We can talk with out words, we have that special friendship when you can just look each other in the eyes and you can tell what the other is thinking. People have told me in the past that animals can not love. Well, Gracie proves every one of them wrong. She has taught me that horsemanship isn't about how well you can ride and stay on a horse, it's actually about how well you can open up your heart and listen to your horse.

Gracie the Welsh Pony, Arabian Horse mix, the Pet of the Day Gracie the Welsh Pony, Arabian Horse mix, the Pet of the Day

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