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Tontoe the Paint Horse and Majic the Hackney, Welsh Pony cross, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tontoe, Majic
Age: Two and a half years old, Ten years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Paint horse, Hackney/Welsh Pony cross
Home: New Era, Michigan, USA
   These two are best friends and have been since I bought Tontoe. Tontoe was a surprise from my dad. We went to see Tontoe and it was love at first sight. After I had taken him for a "test drive" and got home, the next few days, I couldn't stop talking about him and asking if we were going to be able to get him. Every time I asked for a week, my dad said that he didn't know. Then we drove by his house no our way to my friend's place and his 4-sale sigh was down. I was very sad, a couple days later, my dad took me on a "mystery trip" and we went to Tontoe's house. I asked him why we were here and he said "To check up on your horse!" I was ecstatic, Tontoe was going to be mine!!! The next day, we picked him up and now he and I are living happily after.

     Tontoe gets very jealous of Majic when she's getting all the attention. And Majic is a troublemaker. She's alway's escaping and taking Tontoe down to the neighbor's farm. I have had Majic for four great years and she taught me everything I know about horse behavior. Majic has been in 4-H for a year and I am now starting Tontoe in 4-H this year.

     They are both very friendly and love people, attention, and treats! They are both western horses and very willing. Tontoe is only "green broke" for now, which means that I have to expand his performance from just walk, and carry the person. He has also learned the hard way more than once that the electric fence is on! We will often play games with each other and share meals in the spring and summer. Tontoe especially loves it when the sprinkler is set towards the pasture!

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