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Wolly the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wolly
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Falkensee, Brandenburg, Germany
   Mhis is my guinea pig Wolly. He's six years old. His fur is white, black and very long. He has wonderful blue eyes. Wolly got his name, because he has a long crazy curl on his head.

     He's a very special guinea pig. Wolly is very sweet and clever. He understands his name. Wolly answers "Quiek, quiek!" if I call his name. He climbs very good and fast over the small guinea pig houses, stones and little branches. Wolly also likes to hop around in his nice cage.

     My father and I built a great treehouse for my guinea pigs in our garden. Wolly lives in a big guinea pig family with his three brothers. His brothers are Jason, Wicky and Purple. They all are very happy together.

     Wolly eats cucumbers, peppers, carrots and apples. His favourite food is lettuce. Wolly's favorite activity is to eat. He likes to cuddle with me. I stroke and comb his long nice fur every day. He lays on my legs and relaxes.

     I look after him and his guinea pig brothers well, so that they will all have a long happy life.

Wolly the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day Wolly the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day

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