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Mocha the Goat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mocha
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Goat
Home: Clear Creek Valley, Tennessee, USA
   Mocha is special because she found me. She had come one day when my grandfather was in the hospital, so I was feeding the animals by myself. I had gone to the chicken pen and I heard a goat, even though we didn't have one. I looked around the pen and found this goat with a broken leg right outside the door of the pen, as if waiting to be let in.

     That was three years ago and we've had her ever since, and named her Mocha. We had asked people if they had lost a goat and they all said, "No." so we have no idea where she came from! We helped her leg get better, and she's never tried to stray.

     She loves the chickens and has a very playful personality. She'll head-butt you and rear up, then run away so you chase her. She loves going for walks on her leash, which is fun and akways attracts attention!

     She's the first goat I've ever had and I love her so much. She knows some tricks too, but she won't do them when she sees a camera. She will sit , lay down and shake hands (or hooves) with me. She won't let anyone but me touch her and Will run from others. But she likes to play with my Shetland pony, too! She is a special goat!

Mocha the Goat, the Pet of the Day Mocha the Goat, the Pet of the Day

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