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Zane the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zane
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Westchester, Illinois, USA
   This is Zane, I got him for my birthday. When I got Zane, it was a trick. After school, my mom and dad brought me to Petsmart. They said we were going there because our cats needed food. But that was a trick ... we were really there to buy Zane! I was very excited! Zane is still kinda a baby. He is very shy though. I named him Zane because Zane means fast. And Zane is very fast. He loves to run around the cage. He is my other guinea pig's "little brother," even though I got Zane first.

     He loves to purr and sometimes likes to be around people. He does not like other animals though. He gets very scared around my two other cats. His favorite food is cucumber. He eats it every day. He loves to nibble on your finger. That hurts a lot though! Again, Zane is very shy! But he is not shy with his brother. He loves to explore with him. I love Zane very much.

     I can also tell you that he knows when it is feeding time. He will start to make a really loud noise to get my attention and I will feed him his food and hay. He loves his hay so much! I can't wait til spring so my dad can build him and his brother an outdoor pen for them to play in and get fresh air and grass. He is getting so big, he and his brother will need a bigger cage in the spring too so they can move around more. I love my guinea pig Zane. I think eight is the perfect age to get your first guinea pigs.

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