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Meeko the Raccoon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Meeko
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Raccoon
Home: Bellaire, Ohio, USA
   This is my baby boy Meeko! He is the sweetest Raccoon in the whole world! He loves to play a lot, and he especially loves to play with feet! He drinks out of a baby bottle, and eats regular dog food! He is very active, and not mean at all. We welcomed him into our family one year ago when his mother abandoned him in our Park! We nursed him until he was old enough to eat dog food. He eats Taste Of The Wild! He still enjoys his bottle a lot, though.

     He plays with shoes, slippers, water bottles, and many other things that he can get a hold of..! I love him to death, and he would never hurt a fly because he is so sweet..He loves going on walks especially during the summer time! He doesn't like bathes that much, he always squirms! I bathe him with Johnson's Baby Shampoo, and it makes his fur so soft! He does get grouchy during mating season, which is January - March! All in all I really love my baby Raccoon! He will be with me until I die, I will leave him in my will. He's a lifetime commitment, and I will always love Meeko, My Raccoon! <3

Meeko the Raccoon, the Pet of the Day Meeko the Raccoon, the Pet of the Day Meeko the Raccoon, the Pet of the Day

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