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Lulu the Blue and Gold Macaw, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lulu
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue and Gold Macaw
Home: Illinois, USA
   Hi there! My name is Jenny and this is my bird, Lulu. Lulu is a rescue and was believed to be about two years old when we got her. She is a blue and gold macaw and a very silly one at that!

     Lulu was dumped off on the doorstep of an animal shelter where a co-worker of mine took her in. She's a very friendly little girl, and for some reason, barks like a small dog. When we first took her in, she would beg for human food, so we would sometimes feed her french fries, and before we taught her anything, she would pick it up and ask "Is it good?". She's a very fast learner when it comes to talking, and she likes to bob her head up and down a lot. She makes really odd squealing noises when she's happy. She also enjoys butt rubs a lot :P

     We've had her since the September she was two. She doesn't know any tricks, but she likes to hang upside down like a bat sometimes. She spreads out her wings so you can pet her sides. She's a very friendly bird and greets people bobbing her head and barking. Her very jealous macaw friend is Harley, who is also sort of a rescue. His owner passed of leukemia and we took him in a few years back. Harley and Lulu make growls, clicks, squeaks and other noises back at each other kind of like furbys interacting :P they both go nuts for Cheetos. We love them very much!

Lulu the Blue and Gold Macaw, the Pet of the Day

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