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Guiness the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day
Name: Guiness
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom
   Hello, the fluff ball you see here is called Guiness (just like the beer because of his fur color), he is a little over 6 months old guinea pig and we're in the United Kingdom in Portsmouth. What makes him special is the way he cheers you up when you're down, Guiness does this by giving you little kisses and cuddles up to your neck and warms you up, he also oinks, squeaks and jumps when about when you pay him attention.

     I only got him and his brother at beginning of last month so I'm still learning about him but I've found out that he loves throwing around his toy balls to his brother for a while. He tends to play hide and seek as he hides in a blanket that we have for them when we got him, as he pokes his nose out and we spot him and dives away to another open part. Guiness is very friendly to anyone he encounters, as he doesn't bite, give off his alarming noise or try to escape, he just calmly sits there and snuggles up with the person who is holding him, I am still learning about Guiness as he is growing but he is very loving, affectionate, cuddly ball of fluff and fur that can brighten your every day. I know he does mine.

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