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Leo the II the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Leo the II
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Florida, USA
   Introducing his bearded majesty Leo the II! He's my bearded dragon, and is now nine years old, but still healthy and happy. They can live to be 10-12 years old and even older when they are loved pets and get the right nutrition. If you want one, you should definitely read what foods they needs, as otherwise they can get sick!

     Leo is a cool guy - he even owns his own Lamborghini. He enjoys sitting on the porch and basking in the Florida sun. He is a lizard, so he is cold-blooded and needs an external heat source when it gets cold out. So I think he is glad he lives here in Florida! He likes to sit on my sister's head which looks silly. He will fall asleep on my chest and stay there all night. We all love Leo!

Leo the II the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day

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