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Chilli the Chinchilla, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chilli
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
   This is Chilli, she is a Violet Chinchilla, which is the rarest variety (solid grey with white stomach). Chilli is extremely fluffy and unbelievably soft. She also sports a set of outrageously long whiskers and a fancy tail.

     Every morning she gets to run around the house for an hour or so. After which she goes back in her cage to snuggle down and sleep for 12+ hours. It is nice having a pet that sleeps all day, so won't miss me if I am at work. At night she gets out again for several hours, free to roam around and have fun. She loves to park on my shoulder, lean into my face, and just hangout when watching television. Otherwise, Chilli just entertains herself running here and there, jumping on stuff and dragging her small toys around. She has some powerful legs (no surprise considering how big they are), able to jump almost high enough to reach a door knob. She loves getting up high on furniture and watching the goings on around the house, periodically wiping her tiny little nose from time to time. She also likes to chow down on hay, almonds and crackers. While fastidious about herself, she can be pretty messy with her food. Crumbs everywhere!

     Like all chinchillas, Chilli loves to wash up in a dust bath, which keeps her fur so nice and soft. They cannot wash in water, because their thick fur will stay damp and they risk getting sick.

     Chilli is the perfect pet for me and I cannot wait to let her out each night to witness her goofy antics.

Chilli the Chinchilla, the Pet of the Day Chilli the Chinchilla, the Pet of the Day

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