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Luna the Tabby and Minerva the Siamese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Luna, Minerva
Age: One and a half years old, Seven months old
Gender: female
Kind: Silver Tabby, Flame Point Siamese
Home: Seattle, Washington, USA
   Luna and Minerva are two rescue cats who came into my life and took over. Luna was a feral kitten whose mother had been abandoned by her owners before the litter was born. Once she adopted me, I fell in love with her sweet, kind hearted and whacky personality. I have never met a cat who LOVES playing with toys as much as this one does. She also enjoys taking showers (yes, it is frightening), puffing up at every situation and sleeping under the covers.

      Most importantly, she adores taking care of our new addition, Minerva (Minnie for short!) Minnie was a poor, dirt covered shelter animal who I barely even noticed in room full of energetic and playful kittens. Luckily, her quiet and sweet gaze caught my attention and I decided to take her home. I wasn't sure how much Luna would like having another cat in the house as she was very satisfied with having the entirety of my attention. But the two of them fell in love immediately upon meeting and now Luna takes care of Minnie like she was her own baby. They spend hours on top of hours playing and sleeping and following each other around and generally entertaining me. I don't know what I would do without my two best buddies!

Luna the Tabby and Minerva the Siamese, the Cat of the Day Luna the Tabby and Minerva the Siamese, the Cat of the Day

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