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Cherio the Mouse, Scooter the Rat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cherio, Scooter
Age: One year old, One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Mouse, Hooded Rat
Home: Georgia
   These are my brother's pets! I hope you don't mind them together, they are imseperable. The black and white rat's name is Scooter, and the golden mouse's name is Cherio. (Yes, that is the way you spell it.) One's obviously a rat and one's a mouse. They are both boys, and get along perfect despite their different specias!

     They get along fine but they also love my brother, Ryan, dearly. One time, he fell asleep with Scooter and Cherio by his side, and when he woke up a few hours later, they had stayed with him. He was so worried they might have run away, or he might have accidentally rolled onto them! He takes them outside and lets them run around because he know's they'll always come back. Scooter and Cherio mean a lot to Ryan and vice versa.

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