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Joey the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Joey
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peruvian Guinea Pig
Home: Geneva, Illinois, USA
   Joey is my one-year-old Cockatiel. His hatchday is soon, he is turning one sometime in January, though I do not know the exact date. He lives with his brother Cal. The two of them are great friends and do not like to be apart from each other much. Joey is the shy one of the two, and is more independent then Cal. Joey's favorite food is popcorn. (Of course not with butter or salt) He will usually only let me hold him and is not really comfortable around anyone else. He likes listening to music. Joey loves to make noise, especially at night when I am trying to sleep but it's okay because i love him anyway. We also have two other birds, Turbo and Blueberry the budgies and Joey gets along with them pretty well.

      Joey knows how to whistle and kiss and will sometime dance to music. It is very cute! I love Joey very much and I am so happy I got him. :)

Joey the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day

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