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Squeegee the Rose-Breasted Cockatoo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Squeegee
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rose-Breasted Cockatoo
Home: California, USA
   Squeegee is a Rose-Breasted Cockatoo. She rules the roost in California¬†with us, Betty and Doug.

     She says, "Hi, Sweetie" when I come home and "peekaboo" when I cover her at night. She's such a cutie bird! When she wants her head scratched, she'll ask for "a ticklie." She's just bursting with personality and loves to imitate her "mommy." When I clean her cage, she'll run her beak up and down the bars to "help."

     She thinks my name is also "Squeegee" and if I leave the room, I hear a plaintive "Squeeeegeeee" beckoning me back. It could break your heart, if you didn't know better! She is a great companion!

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