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Bubba the Ferret, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bubba
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ferret
Home: South Australia, Australia
   Bubba is my first ferret I have owned, although not the first I have looked after! Ferrets are not hard to look after they are much like your average cat. I decided to get her as a mate of mine had a 'mistake' litter as her male ferret, Buddy is smarter than he looks and can unlock his own cage, open it and leave as he feels.

     She knows a few 'tricks' like sitting for food, sitting on your shoulder, not biting and she's starting to learn 'stand.' The most played game is 'tag' where she will come up bite your toes and run away, it's the way ferrets engage you in play.

     Ferrets are not hard to look after, though many will stop using the litter box if it's not cleaned every day. Kits need 24/7 care until they reach the age of six months. The more time you spend with them, the better behaved they are. They can eat wet cat food, but raw meats are best. Beef can difficult for them to digest, though.They can't eat any vegetables or anything with grain like bread etc. They are carnivores, plain and simple. They do like eggs but its best served as a treat. Also Ice cream and milk is like the most amazing chocolate in the whole world to them. Unfortunately 90% of ferrets are lactose intolerant (can't have dairy products). But knowing your individual ferret is best so you know what he or she can eat safely!

Bubba the Ferret, the Pet of the Day Bubba the Ferret, the Pet of the Day

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