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Shoshanah the Llama, the Pet of the Day
Name: Shoshanah
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Llama
Home: Wisconsin, USA
   This is Shoshanah. She is a year old llama, the first llama girl born on our farm, so she is terrifically spoiled. She has developed a taste for unsalted peanuts in the shell and follows me around begging when I go into the barn to do chores. If I let her, she will come up and nuzzle my pockets, to see if I am carrying any peanuts or carrots.

     Llamas make excellent companion animals. They are intelligent, personable and affectionate to those they know. They are used for packing, for companions, for animal therapy and are valued for the quality of their wool. They can be quite stand-offish until they know you, but very sociable once they accept you. Contrary to popular opinion, llamas rarely spit at people unless they have been mistreated or mishandled. Shoshanah has lovely wool, which I spin. Garments made of llama wool are extremely warm- warmer than sheep wool.

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