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Ghost the Belgian Hare, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ghost
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Belgian Hare
Home: Gothenburg, Sweden
   This is my rabbit Ghost although her official name is Ghastly Love Bites. She's a Belgian Hare, and is white and red-eyed so she is an albino. She lives with me outside Gothenburg, Sweden

     She just recently arrived here and is the sweetest thing. She loves to sleep with my dog (Rottweiler) and play with the other baby bunnies here. I'm a breeder of Lionhead rabbits.

     A friend of mine is breeding Belgian Hares and one of the Does, being Ghost's mom, pushed her out of the nest when she was just four days old. Since her breeder has a full-time job, she had no possibility to take care of her during the daytime. So I did! I brought her up with a bottle and let her sleep with the family's Chihuahua for warmth. Now, 1.8 pounds later, she's still small but so caring. She has a heart of gold and you just have to love her. She may look tall, but she is still a tiny girl, and I look forward to watching her grow! She's only 4 months old!

Ghost the Belgian Hare, the Pet of the Day

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