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Gilbert the Blue Crowned Conure, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gilbert
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue Crowned Conure
Home: Somerville, New Jersey, USA
   Gilbert is a cheerful little guy. He is very laid back and enjoys almost any time we spend together, but his favorites are going to the beach, going for a walk downtown, or flying around the yard or at a park. He is an animated little chatterbox, although he often likes to mix it up with parrot babble and people babble.

     His favorite meal is pasta with mixed veggies. He is really mellow and quiet, almost never squawks at all (and his squawk is 'nothing,' not an annoying sound at all, more of a goofy sound really.) He chatters a lot, he talks a lot even though much of it is the same few phrases.

     The other evening after work Gil and I were in the yard for a while, he was flying and playing in the tree. When we walked over, there was a songbird in the tree, singing, and I put Gil on the tree (on the other side) and the bird just kept singing and stayed there. I walked too close to try to get a picture and he flew off. I thought that was cool, having him just stay there and singing. After he flew off, Gilbert played all around that tree like it was a big jungle gym. He was so funny, swinging and climbing (and getting his leash all tangled where I had to thread it all through the tree to get him free, LOL).

     I always get questions about his harness. Last year when he first wore it, it was generally just a short while, around our yard, with me holding him. He didn't want to fly at all (he could barely fly when he got the harness). After I had him on the beach the first time and the wind helped him fly and it was such a large, open space, he seemed to find himself. He got more and more confident from there.

     We started going further away from home, for longer, and he got spooked by things less and less. Now I find, being able to fly very well, he seems very confident. He has been out a lot, and been a lot of places (parks, down town, outdoor concert, in shops, beaches, at my office) so he seems to have adjusted. But his most favorite place of all is to just ride around on my shoulder. He will occasionally pull on the harness, mostly if he is just bored, like when he rides around on my shoulder, chewing my sunglasses.

     Just recently I have noticed he can 'hover' with more skill and he also knows he can just soar up from on the grass. He used to land on the ground and then wait for me to get him. He now knows it is easy to soar back up and around right from on the ground. He's a great little bird!

Gilbert the Blue Crowned Conure, the Pet of the Day Gilbert the Blue Crowned Conure, the Pet of the Day

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