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Max the Ball Python, the Pet of the Day
Name: Max
Age: Deceased, Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Ball Python
Home: Burlington, Wisconsin, USA
   Max is special because of what he had to go through to find a loving home who would help him come out of his ball. We got Max from a rescue in Illinois unknowing of his age other than he was a full grown adult. We got him back around 2001 and had him until about 2010 when he passed away. When we got him, we got his story. When the rescue got him he was malnourished, infested with mites, scars on top of his head, and other multiple scars along his body from unknown things and had a broken back and ribs from being shot with a bb gun. He was too weak to make it through surgery when he first got to the rescue and the bb didn't seem to be hindering him so there it stayed, in his back.

     When we first got him he was the shyest thing ever. It would take him 45 minutes to an hour to uncurl from his ball of coils when we took him out of his cage and after a few months, he finally relaxed with us. For all he went through even after he settled in not once did he ever become aggressive or snap at us. You could do anything to him and he just sat there. He is one of the best snakes we ever had. He LOVED going out in the summer time and chill in our yard and check things out for a while and soak up the sun. We will never forget him, he was a very special boy.

Max the Ball Python, the Pet of the Day

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