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Lady the American Saddlebred, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lady
Age: Sixteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Saddlebred
Home: Lowell, Indiana, USA
   TMy pet's name is Manhattan's Lady Luck, though we call her "Lady" for short. She is a 16-year-old American Saddlebred mare. I received Lady for my 16th birthday from my mom when I was showing her for her previous owners. She and I have a special bond that really can't be explained.

     I began showing Lady for a challenge, but came to love her as my best friend. Lady is the mother of two top Saddlebreds here in Indiana and I'm proud to call her mine. I'm away at college right now, but every time I go home, she comes cantering up to the fence and calls for me until I go over and say hello. We cherish every moment we have together!

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