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Sam the Percheron, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sam
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Percheron
Home: Corcoran, Minnesota, USA
   We are Sam,¬†Earl and Lucky, and we are all nine years old. Sam here - I am the one on the left. I am the tallest, and so I will be the one in charge today. But we do pretty much everything together, so mom couldn't send a picture of just me.

     My buddies and I are all Dapple Grey Percheron Horses. Mom got this picture when she had a bucket of feed - this is our "Are we going to eat soon???" pose in the barn doorway. We are big guys - we are draft horses, after all, so eating is a big part of our daily rountine!

     You've heard of "working breeds" in the dog world? Well, we are working horses. We like to take humans for hayrides, or sleigh rides in winter. We also enjoy pulling for carriages rides, work in the fields and going into the show ring. But best of all, we love to eat! We each eat a bale a bay of hay a day and about 15 pounds of sweet feed. Mom also gives us lots of apples and carrots. Life is pretty good here, we like it!

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