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Igor the Three-toed Box Turtle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Igor
Age: Twenty-six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Three-toed Box Turtle
Home: Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA
   This is a picture of my box turtle friend, Igor. He is 26, I think. I purchased him at a pet store for $25. The petstore owner said he was about 13. I was 12, so I always say he's a year older than I.

     I remember the day I got Igor. I took him away from his pet shop buddies and put him in a cage with newspapers on the bottom, located in my basement next to the furnace. I would take him out for occasional walks, but for the most part he was sadly neglected. For years, he lived down there in that dismal place, alone. When I got into college, I took him to live with me. I upgraded his cage and life. I took him on more walks and fed him more frequently. I noticed him climbing onto a turtle statue that I had, which made me realize that Igor needed a girlfriend. He had a couple friends several years before, owned by my friends, but one passed away and the other escaped. So until this Christmas, Igor had been alone for years. His playmate, Izzy was introduced to him, finally. He immediately 'liked' her. She's a bit too small for him right now though, she's only half the size of him. But they get along for now as they're both getting ready to start hibernating.

     Igor will eat almost anything. His favorite food has to be earthworms. Other favorite foods are carrots, lettuce, fish and apples. He also loves to find things to eat on his walks through the forest. He is definitely a happier turtle now, than he was 6 or 7 years ago.

     My name is Ben, I hope you like my pet turtle.

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