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Chubietta the Raccoon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chubietta
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Raccoon
Home: Bridger, Montana, USA
   Chubby Raccoon came to live with us when she was just a tiny little thing after her mother was found dead in a ditch. She lived in our house when she was a baby, and we fed her goat's milk and eggs in a baby bottle. She stayed in the house using a litter box until she was about 5 of 6 weeks old. By that time she was able to empty a cupboard as fast as it takes to say it, and she was absolutely into EVERYTHING. We kept her in the dog kennel for a while, but it wasn't long before she could squirm out of that as well. By that time she was aquainted with all the dogs and cats, so she just roamed at large hanging around in the trees and the barn. She would chirp at us when se went out, and if we called her she would call back, so we were able to keep track of her. We took her and had her spayed, wormed and given a rabies shot, thinking that might encourage her stay home in the fall.

     Living on a river bottom is just too much of a delight to a raccoon, and by the next spring she was wandering locally. She was in and out of here last summer, then in the fall disappeared. Lots of trapping occurs on our river during the winter months, and we figured Chubby was probably being worn on some moutain man's head, but lo and behold, guess who returned this summer? She has been in and out of the barn all summer, eating cat food and tearing open feed sacks. She comes when we call her, and still loves us as her family. We can still hold her, and she'll follow us into the house, but doesn't like strangers at all. She is only friendly to people who held her when she was a baby. She has, indeed, become quite " Chubby" and has been one of the most interesting pets we have had. All of us bear scars from her rough housing, (none of our injuries seemed to be intentional - we just don;t have protective fur like raccoons do,) and she has been very bad news for the chicken flock, but as she trundles around here doing her own thing, we think she is a great pet!

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