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L and May the Fischer's Lovebirds, the Pet of the Day
Name: L and May
Age: Deceased
Gender: female, Male
Kind: Fischer's Lovebird
Home: Hong Kong
   L (left) and May (right) were my first "real" peta when I was a high school student. I got L first, I was attracted by her pretty color. At that time, I thought she was a "he", until I got May some time later. L was very dominant at the beginning, as she was the first bird. However May had a huge crush on L, he follows her everywhere and let her be the boss and very soon they were inseparable. They cuddled together during the cold weather, they fought for food, they played the swing together... lots of sweet memories...

     My fondest memory was I liked to study in the living room very late at night, and their cage was in living room. I usually covered the cage at night time, so they know it's bed time. And then I would hear noises from the cage, that's when I knew that they came out from their little house inside the cage to accompany me while I study. They would just sit next to me quietly while I read my books. These are just a tiny fraction of my sweet memories. Even though they are in heaven now I still miss them very much.

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