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Maja the Thinfinger Gecko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Maja
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Thinfinger Gecko
Home: Germany
   I have a Gecko. Her name is Maja, and she isn't bigger than 9 cm. She is a Thinfinger Gecko, which most people are not familiar with. They are more used to the bigger geckos, like leopard geckos, being pets. She is one year old and very shy. She only comes out at night and also when you put some food (living beetles) in the terrarium.

     One time I closed the door and took her out of the terrarium. In a few minutes she ran through the room. Then I wanted to put her back into the terrarium, but she was so fast that I couldn't catch her! So I had a problem. And when I have a problem, I must think of a solution. And that can take too long! I took out a chewing gum to help me think, but I dropped it. And than Maja came and wanted to eat it. But she ran away as she saw me coming. I quickly took the chewing gum and had an idea. I put it in the terrarium and waited until she came. A few minutes later she ran into the terrarium and directly hid herself, because I came to take the chewing gum away, because it is not good for geckos to eat. I really didn't know that Maja likes chewing gum, or maybe just the scent of it, but I think that makes her special. She is fascinating to watch and I love her very much.

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