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JJ the Mollucan Cockatoo, the Pet of the Day
Name: JJ
Age: Nineteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mollucan Cockatoo
Home: New York, USA
   JJ was rescued from a home where she was covered in a small cage most of the day because of her screaming. She was 13 when we got her, and had been slapped with newspapers and yelled at most of the time. Now she is nineteen, and as happy as can be. The cage she lived in was a cage for a small parrot, and only was given seed and cucumbers. There were no toys in her cage. She lived a boring life. She had only been out of her cage three times in her life!

     JJ now thinks she owns the humans in the house, eats everything we do, loves pizza and garlic, and screams just to let the world know she is alive and happy! Plays and shreds all her toys which are many, loves to tear up 2x4's, she makes kindleing wood out of them! JJ loves her master so much, and can tell when he is comming home from work when he is 2 miles away from the house. She must have ESP as she is never wrong, and starts to announce to the rest of the flock he is comming home! Her favorite thing to do is sit on his stomach and gaze lovingly into his eyes, giving him a kiss or two.....The rest of the flock consists of 7 other parrots!

     JJ lives in upstate New York with her family and a big German Shepherd dog. JJ is a member of one of the largest of the cockatoo family, she is a Mollucan Cockatoo. '

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