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Athena the Chilean Red Flame Tarantula, the Pet of the Day
Name: Athena
Age: Sixteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chilean Red Flame Tarantula
Home: Ontario, Canada
   This is Athena, my Chilean Red Flame Tarantula. Athena is very special to me because I was looking for her kind for a while and then I finally found her at the Reptile Expo. But after 3 months I noticed that she was starting to spin a lot of web inside her shelter. I didn't know what was going on with that...until the next morning-it was also my birthday- I looked in her tank and Athena was holding an egg sac in front of her. I was very happy and so surprised that she laid on egg sac. She had never been with a male during the time that I had her-I had just bought her 3 months ago! I guess her previous owner had given her a boyfriend for a while. But it was a great birthday present for me to see a tarantula with an egg sac and then for it to hatch and for me to care for 190 spiderlings!

     Another reason that Athena is so special to me is because every year I take my snakes or geckos or tarantulas to see the Santa at Petsmart and a few years ago a reporter from a Toronto newspaper found out about it and wanted to do a Christmas article for the next day's paper about us. We set a date for me to take Athena to see Santa, then the reporter interviewed me and took Athena's picture with Santa. I was so happy that Athena was famous! Now, I think she could be famous for the whole world to see!

Athena the Chilean Red Flame Tarantula, the Pet of the Day

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