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Silk the Nanday Conure, the Pet of the Day
Name: Silk
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Nanday Conure
Home: Panacea, Florida, USA
   This is Silk, he is a Nanday. He is six years old and lives in Panacea Florida. Silk was rescued five years ago from a very neglectful home. He didn't get fed or watered properly and was for the most part ignored. Because of this, he screamed constantly and was banished to a back room in his owner's home.

     Since we have had Silk, he has become a loving, trusting pet. He seldom makes any loud noises. He will ask for "kisses" (knowing a treat will follow), will whisper "I love you" and will cuddle under your neck. He loves taking a bath but insists on clean water at a lukewarm temperature. (He will test the water with his toes before getting in the "bathtub.") He likes to sit on top of his cage during the day but at night when he is told to go "night-night" he will get in his cage in his favorite spot. He has a friend, Pearl, a female cockatiel, who shares his cage, and they both get upset if the other one is out of their sight.

     Silk is special because he provides companionship and laughter. Most of all though, he has shown what love and patience can mean in life, be it human or animal.

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