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Ralph the Dalmatian Hamster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ralph
Age: Deceased, nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dalmatian Hamster
Home: Illinois, USA 
   Ralph was the fluffiest and fuzziest hamster you would ever see! She was so sweet and cute. Well sometimes she wasn't so sweet. She was my sister's hamster. She did nip both me and my sister, but just twice. She bit my mom on the toe once, maybe just to say "don't step on me." Ralph had babies a few days after we got her. It was completely unexpected, as we thought she was a boy. My sister was cleaning Ralph's cage and noticed there were little baby hamsters. Sadly, though, the babies did not survive. But Ralph lived happily after that, and was a good hamster, and learned that we were her friends. She liked exploring when she was allowed out of her cage, and climbing in her tunnels, too.

     Last Sunday, I was going to wake up Ralph to measure her to make a bee Halloween costume for the Petco competition. She was a good hamster, and so cute, and with her black and white coloring, especially her solid black face, I thought she would make a cute bee. I did, and when she got up and tried to walk around, she kept on falling over. I got my sister. We put her on the carpet, but then Ralph was only using her front legs to walk, so her back ones were just being dragged. We tried to find a emergency small animal vet that is open on Sundays in our area, but couldn't find one. We looked up all her symptoms on the computer and found out that she had Wet Tail, a disease that often is fatal for hamsters, but not always. We found out that mostly hamsters die from because they get dehydrated, so we gave her water to try to help her, so maybe we could bring to to the vet on Monday. Sadly, though, she died that morning, before we could do so. We hope she and all the other pets who have passed away will rest in peace.

Ralph the Dalmatian Hamster, the Pet of the Day Ralph the Dalmatian Hamster, the Pet of the Day

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