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Punkin, Pittypat, Scooter the Ferrets, the Pet of the Day
Name: Punkin, Pittypat, Scooter
Age: Eight months old, One year old
Gender: Male, Female, Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: Lexington Park, Maryland, USA
   et us introduce you to the Holland family ferret "business"- Pictured from left to right: Punkin, Miss Pittipat, and Scooter (a.k.a. Mr. Big). These little animals have brought so much fun and joy into our lives. They never cease to amaze us with their fun-loving "antics" and insatiable curiosity.

     Punkin, with his beautiful champagne coat, is a smart and very friendly little man. He enjoys playing with his brother and sister and is especially fond of "escape attempts" from our large home office where the whole gang enjoys lots of free play time. He's our second oldest and has the energy and drive to keep up with his little sister - at least until he gets too tired and returns to his cage for a well-deserved nap.

     Miss Pittipat, the newest addition to the business, is a bundle of pure energy and is always the first one of the group to wake up from their frequent naps…and the last to wind down and go back to sleep in her hammock. She's the climber of the group and takes demonic pleasure in finding the most inaccessible areas to hide from Mom and Dad when play time is over. Her other specialty is pilfering the occasional nugget of dog kibble from her English Bulldog sister, Cupcake, hiding it in various locations, for enjoyment at a later time. For some reason, she loves the sound of a steel tape measure opening and closing and will come out of hiding to that sound when squeaky toys and rattling the treat bag goes ignored.

     The final member of this little family is Scooter, who has become known, for all intents and purposes, as Mr. Big. He's at least twice the size of his sister, and has a loving heart that is super-sized as well. Calm and cool, Mr. Big is never found far from the food dish and loves his "Ferrevite" treat. He's our oldest, and came into our lives as a companion for our first ferret, Rascal, who passed away in September 2006. Rascal and Mr. Big were the best of friends from the first day we brought Mr. Big home. Mr. Big loves to cuddle and get kisses - you can just see the pleasure he takes in having a good ear scratching or brushing.

     We can never forget that even though they may act tough, these are precious, delicate little animals. The pure joy and love they radiate makes it well worth all the extra work to ensure their safety.

Punkin, Pittypat, Scooter the Ferrets, the Pet of the Day Punkin, Pittypat, Scooter the Ferrets, the Pet of the Day

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