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Gunther the Desert Tortoise, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gunther
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Desert Tortoise
Home: Arizona, USA
   Gunther is a small desert tortoise that enjoys the sunlight and sleeping. She sometimes has a little "hat" on her head! Our tree makes these weird little acorns and the tops of them look like party hats, so I balance them on her head. (She is patient and does not seem to mind.) Doesn't it look like it was made for her with the way it matches her color? We rescued her. We named her after the penguin on Adventure Time because we didn't know at the time whether she was a boy or a girl. We believe she is a girl now.

     We got Gunther during the monsoon season. Me and my little brother were in the wash with our uncle while it was raining and saw her - she could have drowned, caught in the sudden torrent. But we caught her when my mom called us home. We had to go to PetSmart to get her a terrarium and a heat lamp. She was small enough to fit in the bottom of a Chinese takeout box. She has gotten bigger over the three years, and we wish we could have gotten another one. We were only able to rescue Gunther due to laws in my area. Gunther seems to enjoy kale better than just lettuce. She loves to explore and doesn't know any tricks, other than being the cutest tortoise around. We love her.

Gunther the Desert Tortoise, the Pet of the Day

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