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Pepe the Canary, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pepe
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Canary
Home: New Zealand
   JIntroducing my pet canary Pepe. I received Pepe on my birthday (so a long time ago) as a gift. His former owner no longer wanted him as Pepe was lonely and depressed when i got him. His best friend had died and he had stopped singing. but all that changed when he arrived at my house and met my budgie, Feisty. Fiesty was hand reared by us as soon as she started looking like a budgie, because she was bullied by the other birds. So she preferred human company to birds but now she seems happy to have Pepe around.

     He is very sweet and if you offer him food he will eat out of your hands. On the contrary despite his friendliness he doesn't like being picked up very much anymore. Although he doesn't know any tricks he will start singing along if you whistle. He loves it when i open his cage door and let him flit around in my bedroom. He really enjoys water and he loves having baths!!!! He normally has canary seed and vegetables but he LOVES nachos and if he gets one he will try to eat every last bite. He is such a beautiful singer and he sings his heart out. Sometimes he starts really low then sings higher and higher until the frequency make your ears throb. Now he is always singing and is very happy and lively.

Pepe the Canary, the Pet of the Day

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