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Dobbin the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dobbin
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: Florida, USA
   This is my horse Dobbin. He is an eleven year old Quarter Horse living in southern Florida. I rescued Dobbin two years ago. Dobbin was abused by many owners and has a lot of trust issues. I worked with him for a whole year to gain his trust and build his confidence again. Dobbin was terrified of everything from a bag flapping in the wind to me moving my arm a little too quickly.

     Now after two years I can ride Dobbin anywhere without hesitation, we have even started jumping which is a very big step for him. As you can see from the pictures I can now put anything on him without him being afraid. I put the garland and Santa hat on with no trouble at all. He didn't even notice them! Yes, I did cut an ear hole in the hat. He is an absolutely amazing horse and one of my very best friends.

     I work at a 4-H farm and I use Dobbin all the time to show people that every horse is good for something; just because a horse is a little banged up and mentally abused, as well as physically doesn't mean he should be thrown away. Dobbin and I do our best to show others that with just a little time, patience, and love any horse can be great.

Dobbin the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day Dobbin the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day

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