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Bob the Koi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bob
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Koi
Home: Lucerne Valley, California, USA
   Hi! My name is Bob. I like to swim with my other 30 fishy friends. We have a big pond to swim in. I am a white Koi Fish and about two feet long. I have lived in Lucerne Valley for almost five months. I am so happy here. I love to suck on fingers and toes.

     Our fish Bob has been a joy to have. We like to have our feet sucked on by him. It feel kind of funny, but cool! He sure is big, but he is harmless. We call him the great white Bob. He swims at the top of the pond and opens his mouth like a shark and eats everything in his path. He's friendly and out of all the fish, is the one who is always first to come see us when we visit the pond. He has fabulous blue "eyeshadow" like he's rocking a retro 1980s look. He is silly and funny and we hope you love him just like us!

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