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Lucky the Ferret, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucky
Age: Deceased, five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: New York, USA
   I would like to tell you about my late pet Lucky Luciano, a ferret. He was about five years old and had quite a personality. My doberman Mocha who was rescued and he were good friends. Like Mocha, Lucky was rescued, he was from a pet store and was close to death when I rescued him as a kit. I gave him the name of a famous tough-guy gangster so he could be strong enough to survive.

     He not only survived, but thrived. He used to play a game that was amazing. He used to knock on the door and wait for you to push it open and find him. Then he would push it shut and do it again. I was giving him a bath one day and thought I shut the door behind me and my roomate's dog came in and took his life in front of me. I tried to release him from her mouth but it was too late. I lay on the kitchen floor with him in my arms and cried.

     I will always remember him, my little gangster weasel.

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