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Raven the Quarter Horse mix, the Pet of the Day
Name: Raven
Age: Twenty-something years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quarter Horse mix
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   This is my horse, Raven. She came into my life after I had a fall from my other horse a few years ago, which caused me to lose my riding confidence develop a fear of horses. As much as I love horses, I almost gave up on ever getting in the saddle again until I met Raven. She is so patient and gentle, and she somehow knew I was afraid. After spending many hours with her, in and out of the saddle, I finally gained all of my confidence back, and then some! I am now even riding the horse again that originally "had my number!"

     Raven changed my life. She's got the calmest, most agreeable temperament I've ever seen in a horse (with people, that is - when it comes to pasture buddies, she can be quite bossy!) She's brought me more joy than I can put into words. I was so lucky to find her, and she only cost me a few pennies, but to me she's priceless ... a real angel!

Raven the Quarter Horse mix, the Pet of the Day

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