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Onslow and Biggles the English Budgies, the Pet of the Day
Name: Onslow,Biggles
Age: Two years old, Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Budgies
Home: Bedworth, West Midlands, United Kingdom
   Onslow on the left is two years old and Biggles is six in this photo, though they are a bit older now. These two male English Budgies are good "maties" for each other and are as sweet and adorable as they look. Onslow and Biggles are tame, lovable, sing and talk beautifully (and almost all the time).

     These boys have provided lots of entertainment for us. This is especially true since we think that they closely resemble Winston Churchill (Biggles) and W.C. Fields (Onslow). So their chattering away - to each other and to us, fots their characters wel, as bpth were pretty well known orators. We love them very much.

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