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BoTahn the Polish Arabian Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: BoTahn
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Polish Arabian Horse
Home: Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
   Bo is special in so many ways. For one, he is ths little girl's dream come true after 35 years! Yes I waited long before finally fulfilling a dream I couldn't let go of, as horses have always intrigued me and been a part of my life through my artwork.

     Bo is a little spunky and his previous owner was a little afraid of him. However I on the other hand am not afraid and he knows it and is responding beautifully. He is just one BIG puppy dog is all and we are bonding slowly but surely. It's such a thrill to pull in the driveway of the barn and call him in the pasture and his head swings up and he bolts to the fence to greet me with tail flagging and mane flowing in typical, awesome, Arabian style. I adore him!

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