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Goldie the Jendaya Conure, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sophia, Mighty Mike
Age: Senior
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Belgian Horse
Home: New Hampshire, USA
   Goldie is the most incredible bird I have ever known. After working in an exotic pet store in Ocala, Florida. I thought I'd seen it all. Her favorite thing to do is lie on her back and play with a straw. Sometimes she presses them like we would weights. She does this for 10 minutes or so until she falls asleep right on your chest for hours!

     She also enjoys landing on Honey, our cat, and the two of them hang out together, which startled me the first time it happened, as I was ready to jump in and rescue Goldie, but it was never necessary. They are surprising freinds, but friends nonetheless! Honey was a baby when we got Goldie, so they have grown up together. Goldie apparently knew something about Honey I never did. Still she never has "out of cage" time unless I am home to supervise. I love her very much.

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