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Benvenuto the Hanoverian Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Benvenuto
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hanoverian Horse
Home: England, United Kingdom
   When I purchased Ben, he was owned by a woman who was rather abusive and she knew him as "Harry." She inherited "Harry" from her sister who had died of cancer. Being the only living relative, the horse went to her. She did not know how to care for a horse and "Harry" was not fed or exercised correctly. She got frustrated by his expenses and would hit the horse with a jumping bat to take out her aggressions. I heard of this horse through word of mouth at my local stable. They talked about this woman trying to sell this Hanoverian, but the horse looked terrible. I was in the market for a horse at the time and went to see him on a whim. He was ratty, very underweight, and shy towards humans. I looked into his big brown eyes and I fell in love instantly! He passed his vettings despite his emaciated condition and I brought him home. He was four years old at the time. I promptly changed his name to Benvenuto ("Welcome" in Italian) and started getting him well again.

     Ben proved to be quite talented. After putting on weight and working up some nice muscle condition, he is a wonderful dressage horse and has shown talent in jumping as well. His manners have greatly improved and he loves attention. He has become a barn favorite and loves treats. You cannot walk by him without him hassling you for a treat. He will riffle through pockets and sniff hands looking for a cookie. The children love to pet him and he stands patient like a statue. No one believed in this scruffy, underweight, ungainly beast but Ben has proved them wrong! My horse is special because he got a second chance and has blown even me away! I know this picture is not great, but getting his picture is not easy - he's either in motion - or looking for treats from me!

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