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Izzy the Galah Cockatoo, the Pet of the Day <
Name: Izzy
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Galah Cockatoo
Home: New York, New York, USA
   Izzy is a Rose-breasted or Galah cockatoo. Her given name is Isabel, but we always call her Izzy. Though they are somewhat rare in the United States, they are as populous as pigeons in Australia, where they are a wild species.

     Izzy is almost twelve years old, and she is a genuine New Yorker. She kvetches when you're not around; she won't stop talking when you are around; and she always manages to get in your way. She has a great affinity for toes: Barefoot visitors beware! Breakfast is her favorite meal of the day, but she'll eat just about anything -- paintings, shower curtains, walls...

     Izzy enjoys long walks in Central Park, and playing with kiddies. She's also a big fan of showers. She'd hang out in there all day if I'd let her. But, after a busy day of chasing toes and destroying clean clothes, she becomes a cuddly, pink ball of fluff, and all she wants is some love (and a scratch on the head).

Izzy the Galah Cockatoo, the Pet of the Day

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