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Bailey and Kahlua the Sugar Gliders, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bailey, Kahlua
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Sugar Glider
Home: New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
   Hi! We are Bailey and Kahlua. We're brother and sister and love to be together. We wake our human "mom" up SO early in the morning, we bet she could never sleep! We love getting attention, and we bark when we need something. Usually, Mom is up in seconds to give us what we want. Sometimes it's nothing but a good pet on the head! We require SO much hard work, and are not recommended for any just pet lover. We have a special diet, and need snuggly places to stay warm, and to sleep during the day. She sure does love us, though, and we love her.

     Kahlua is the most lovable pet you could ever meet! She is tiny, but has the biggest heart in the world! She loves getting piggyback rides from the dog, and comes every where with me, and her brother, Bailey!

Bailey and Kahlua the Sugar Gliders, the Pet of the Day

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