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Little Bear the Syrian Hamster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Little Bear
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: Bergen/Hordaland, Norway
   One day me and my mom were going to the pet shop, because we needed some new things for my brother's little Hamster girl. We didn't plan to buy a new Hamster, but when I saw him I just had to buy him.

     We asked the pet-shop owner if we could take him out for a few minuts to look at him, but he didn't want to come out of his cage. he were really carefull with getting attacted to new people. So I ran to the nearest bank to get out some money and I paid for him. The next day I whent to get him home, at first he were really skittish and didn't like to come out of his cage, but after a few weeks he was used to us, and loved his new home.

     His favorite treats and food is Vegi biscuits, Mini special popcorn and sunflower seeds. He's favorite thing to do is to run in his wheel all night and when he doesn't do that he love to come out of his cage and run around on the floor for a little while every day. He can do tricks like standing on he's back feet while I hold a sunflower seed over him so he have to get it, but most of everything he love laying on my lap in the afternoon and sleep,. He can be a bit funny sometimes because when he's sleeping really deeply, he has the tendency to sleep on his back and kicking his feet up as if he's dreaming.

     He helps me every day to keep my mood up, for the past years I been battling with my poor health and having pets really helps me getting through the days when I don't feel well. so he's my special little boy, named Little Bear.

Little Bear the Syrian Hamster, the Pet of the Day Little Bear the Syrian Hamster, the Pet of the Day

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