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Junior the Thoroughbred Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Junior
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Thoroughbred Horse
Home: Albany, California, USA
   This is Junior, he is a thoroughbred race horse that I raised. I also raised his mother who is now 20. Junior is four years old and he is special because he thinks he is. He lives at Golden Gate Fields race track in Albany, California.

     I could talk a very long time about Junior but I will try to condense it, lol. I see Junior every day as I train him for his races. Unfortunately I don't ride him, that privilege is reserved for the exercise riders and jockeys but when his racing days are over, I plan on making him into the stable pony.

     Junior is very independent and thinks he is the cock of the walk. He is very proud and carries himself that way and people look at him where ever he goes and comment on how beautiful he is. He was very rambunctious as a baby and would race up to you like he was going to run over the top of you and then, just before he got to you, he would stop, wheel around, kick up and then race away before he got into trouble. He likes to run long distances and is usually in front as he hates to have dirt in his face. If he gets behind, he will shake his head from side to side in an effort to avoid the dirt. He loves his carrots and sugar cubes but doesn't care much for apples. But the special thing about Junior is how, when he is coming off the race track, he walks over to where I am standing so "mom" can escort him back to the barn.

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