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Fudge the Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fudge
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Oxford, England, United Kingdom
   Fudge is very energetic, always ready to play and cooking up plans to be nnaughty! She is very clever, she can run up the stairs and jump on the bed! She is very protective over her hay - she will try to bite you if you touch it!

     Fudge is a brown bunny with a fudge-coloured stripe on her back. She has a Dutch bunny best friend named Lulu and they have been together ever since I can remember!! Fudge is super lively!! She shoots up the stairs and knows her name very well. Her favourite food is blueberries and raspberries and she loves to chew chew chew!!! I got her from at pets at home store for my birthday and as soon as I saw her, I fell in love with her. I wanted her to be mine so badly and picked her straight away!! She loves to be around people and always cleans their faces!!! She loves to run freely in my large back garden and eat all the flowers!!! She is the most popular out of her and Lulu.

     Fudge is a very clumsy bun, she has had loads of accidents in the past such as running into a wooden fence, jumping out of my arms and hitting herself on the wall and tripping over a slippery floor! And if she doesn't get her own way, she will stamp her feet really loudly!! Overall, she is a beautiful well behaved (mostly) bunny who loves to have fun!

Fudge the Rabbit, the Pet of the Day Fudge the Rabbit, the Pet of the Day

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