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Egon the Teddy Bear Hamster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Egon
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Teddy Bear Hamster
Home: Wuerzburg, Bavaria, Germany
   Egon is the best hamster you could imagine. When I first bought him I wanted a small pet, as I can't keep dogs or cats in this appartment, so a hamster was the perfect choice for me. We thought Egon was a boy, because the lady at the pet store said that it was most likely as most hamsters are males. Well I guess we picked the exception, as "he" is a female, but by the time I found that out I was so used to thinking of him as a boy. I named him Egon Oskar but we call him Egon (pronounced Ay-Gone in German). It turned out that both animals in our house suffer from a sexual identity crisis. Abby, my roommate's chinchilla is a boy (realized also long after naming).

     Anyway, what makes him special ... He looked at me in the pet store and said, "take me with you." We built him a palace at home in his cage with two houses. He actually does move in the summer and the winter. When I first got him in March it was still cold outside and he lived upstairs. When it got hot last summer he moved downstairs. He's a picky fella ...

     He enjoys running around in my room and hamstering most everything he can get in his mouth. He actually succeeded in sticking three full-sized pistachios in his one cheek. He's just a sweetheart that gets very sad when I'm not there. He refuses to leave his house when I'm not home ... he's just a real momma's boy ... :o)

     His greatest sport is running through the entire apartment in his yellow hamster ball. Sometimes he even follows me. Other than that he enjoys making noise in his cage. He'll play with the ball on his water bottle for hours (of course at night keeping me awake) and work out in his giant sized hamster wheel ('cause he is pretty big for a hamster).

     All in all, I think I have the best hamster in the world. He's great!

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