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Tippy the Australian Miniature Goat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tippy
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Australian Miniature Goat
Home: Queensland, Australia
   Tippy is a beautifully mannered boy. He was our first buck. He is so full of personality, he makes us laugh daily! And when he goes in the show ring he stands tall and marches around and then watches the judge the whole time. He a character and So poses for his photos :) We bought him really cheap as no one really expected too much but he has matured into an amazing boy! He has now won three supreme champions and at least six champions!

     Tippy is our special boy :) we were recently offered his father too which we accepted! Tippy is just a young version of his dad! On show day Tippy does not like early starts so is a bit hard to get loaded, but once at the show with people around he stands so proud and loves attention! He blubbers at the girls and the crowd loves him as he is always up the front of his pen ready for attention :) I am not sure how his name came about. His dad is tuffy. Tippy also gets called Tip Truck.

     He loves his cuddles and is always first at the gate for scratches, but is also happy to wander off a little every now and again. He is less cuddly when there is a girl in season, but that's just because he tries to stay as close as possible to her. He is a very well mannered boy. He can be lead past girls in season and if he looks at them and we say no he will forget about the girls and listen to us. He is also easy to lead and will stand patiently to get his feet trimmed and to be brushed and trimmed for shows. He is a much loved family member. He is also the most playful of our boys, always harassing one or another of our boys. He gets told off by the other bucks for bein. Too full on but he will always try and play again. His favourite treats would be banana and strawberries :)

Tippy the Australian Miniature Goat, the Pet of the Day

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