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Fauvette the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fauvette
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Auvergne, France
   Fauvette is a young female cockatiel and she has been with us for seven years.

      We first adopted cockatiels quite by chance, over 15 years ago, when we took in a couple which had been abandoned by their previous owners. Grisou and Jaunette lived with us happily (and noisily) for a dozen years, until in 2013 Grisou died from a heart problem. Jaunette, always the frailer of the two, was suddenly all alone and we feared she would wither away without a companion. That's how we came to adopt Fauvette very quickly, much more quickly than we might have on our own.

      When we first got her, Fauvette was very shy and taciturn. She had spent most of her life in the pet shop where we got her, in a small cage with five other birds, without any stimulation. We were horrified by the conditions and complete absence of information about each individual animal: they didn't even know how long she had been there or how old she was, probably at least 2-3 years-old... And the other birds all seemed older. We'll never go back there for sure!

      But that's how we found Fauvette. She was there, holding on to the outer side of the cage, looking at us.

      Thanks to Fauvette, Jaunette shook off her melancoly, taking the younger bird under her wing. Fauvette gave her her youth back for several months and put some noise back into our house, but unfortunately, after a full life, Jaunette passed away that same year.

      And once again we found ourselves heartbroken, with a lonely bird who still had a lot to learn about a happy bird's life. We didn't want to go back to that pet shop, so we took the time to find someone who breeds birds and drove there to pick one. Calio was a few months old, very lively and chirpy.       We brought Calio home and thanks to his influence, Fauvette now chirps and cries and even sings and plays a little. As she is older than him, she has also had a steadying influence on him. And the two of them know how to remind us to feed them snacks or bring their cage outside - when it's warm enough, we carry it to the garden, where they chat with their bird friends.

Fauvette the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day

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